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Tomi  "lurppis"  Kovanen 
about the ESEA "CSProMod is Dead" Articel

"CSProMod has taken seven years, treated its fan base with contempt the entire time and averaged just one update every 11 months, yet they still see themselves as the more hopeful of the two games."
- csp is a much better game out of the two, which is the entire point. it is made for competition, and the devs make all the changes needed for competition, unlike csgo. whether it's more hopeful or not (given valve's massive budget and csp's lack thereof) is another story, which afaik csp team has not touched on.

"CSP will never be a viable alternative to Global Offensive, nor will it ever command the corporate sponsorship and competitive attention that it has so often promised in the past."

- considering cs:go hasn't even become a legitimate main fps title yet, those are some big words seeing as it would take almost nothing for csp to surpass cs:go as it stands right now. if two tournaments picked up csp, it would be at the level of cs:go - which has not surpassed cs 1.6's competitive level of six months ago, or even today in the casual market.

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lurppis: 8.31.12 at 4:54pm comment on --> #247

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